Death in a Carolina Swamp

In my thriller “Death in a Carolina Swamp, ” viewpoint character Jack Slocum returns home from the Mid-East killing fields looking for a place to catch his breath. He decides that poling his skiff through the cypress swamp where he grew up will calm his nerves nicely.

But fate presents a little surprise: a fully-preserved German U-Boat, miles from the ocean and encrusted with trees and vines. Baffled, he invites childhood friend, submarine analyst Amy Parker, to investigate.

She jumps at the opportunity, never having met a submarine she didn’t like, and curious to see just how Jack Slocum turned out.

Treasure hunter Billy Green catches wind of the discovery and comes on over with a certain manner that takes Amy by storm, and a nasty approach to life that promises a deadly future for all involved. E-book and paperback are available at