The Jumbees Daughter



Enter a boiling cauldron of danger, adventure, romance, and a touch of island magic in“The Jumbee’s Daughter.” Viewpoint character Anika Hegner comes from a long line of Danish colonists on the island St. Thomas. She is pure Dane, except for a drop of Jumbee blood, straight from the Dark Continent.

Since childhood, she has delighted in shape shifting to a black cat and scaring the unwary. She’s a young woman now and often seeks the peacefulness of her family’s abandoned estate on the wild south side of the island.

But her peace is shattered when she finds a taciturn Army veteran trespassing. He claims to be working for the police to trap drug smugglers, but she is not so sure. Back in town she meets a handsome Latino who is a dream to dance with during the tropical evenings. He says he has come to the island to open a new business, though is vague about his line of work.

She discovers that both men are engaged in a deadly contest, winner take all. Scary things begin to happen on the estate, especially at night.

A final confrontation is days away. Anika chooses to help one man succeed. She prays that she has chosen well, for the decision is one of life or death – his and hers.

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